He is a neutered 2 yr old Boxer/St Bernard mix about 80 lbs. He is house  and crate trained, good with dogs, people, and kids. Unfortunately he  is not a good fit for the farm he currently lives on since his prey drive is too high. He needs a home without chickens, ducks, and cats.  

Adoption fee $300

My name is Leia, it should be Princess Leia  since I'm such a sweet girl! I'm a one year old pittie mix.  I love to snuggle and just be around people. I do well with everyone but I am kinda shy around men. I like other dogs and don't mind cats. I am awesome with little kids. I really like them and I even know not to jump on them. I  walk well on a leash and I know basic commands. I like to go in my crate and I potty outside like a good girl! My foster mama says I am the best foster ever! Come meet me today, I know you will love me! I am current on shots and spayed.

Adoption  Fee  $300

Don't let his age and gray hair fool you! Bear is an active 11 year old lab mix. He LOVES to play fetch. Bear likes people of all sorts including kids, maybe because they drop food on the floor.  He gets along with other dogs and even cats.  

Bear is house trained, neutered and up to date on vaccines

Adoption fee $200 

Hendrix is a 7 1/2 year old Whippet and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that is very cuddly and loves his people. He struggles with the concept of personal space because just LOVES to be close!  Hendrix is extremely intelligent and knows all basic commands and learns new ones quickly of time. 

Hendrix lives with some fear and anxiety so he needs to be with someone who is a confident animal handler. The confidence of the person rubs off on him and he learns to trust them to decide what he should or should not be afraid of. He loves going for walks, playing fetch and just being able to hang out with his people outside. He needs at least 15 minutes of outdoor exercise (even just throwing the ball for him) daily otherwise his pent up energy can increase his anxiety. 

He really likes kids and is good with them, however due to the unpredictable nature of kids, along with his fears; he should not be in a home with little ones. He has lived with other dogs however is fearful and can get aggressive with new ones so any introductions with other dogs needs to be done in a controlled manner and he might need a couple of days to get comfortable with another dog.  Again he listens very well to a confident handler so he can be managed with other dogs around. Hendrix is such a special dog and has so much love to give and really wants someone who will love him just as much. 

Hendrix is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and micro-chipped.

Adoption fee $200 

Tucker is a 2 year old Shepard/Rottweiler mix. Tucker is selective on the people hw likes. He decieds if he will like your or not. When he doesn't like someone he tends to nip at their hands. Once Tucker decides he likes someone they will see that he has an awesome personality. He loves to be around his people.  He likes other dogs with proper introductions and tolerates cats. Tucker is potty trained and knows basic commands. Tucker house broken, current on vaccines, and neutered.

Update from his foster- Tucker's a very sweet boy but prefers women over men. He does need time adjust to new surroundings and would do better in a home where he isn't expected to go everywhere with his family. He gets along fine with my small dog. 

Adoption Fee $200

Nikki is the fun sized version of a husky! She is a 25# Klee Kai and is only 6 years old.  Once she decides you're her person, she will follow you everywhere.  Up until now outside she has lived outside but now she's learning how great inside is. She is house trained and is ok with cats and other dogs.  She isn't spayed yet so she will need a foster or foster to adopt.

Adoption fee $300 (once spay is done)