Hendrix is a 7 1/2 year old Whippet and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that is very cuddly and loves his people. He struggles with the concept of personal space because just LOVES to be close!  Hendrix is extremely intelligent and knows all basic commands and learns new ones quickly of time. 

Hendrix lives with some fear and anxiety so he needs to be with someone who is a confident animal handler. The confidence of the person rubs off on him and he learns to trust them to decide what he should or should not be afraid of. He loves going for walks, playing fetch and just being able to hang out with his people outside. He needs at least 15 minutes of outdoor exercise (even just throwing the ball for him) daily otherwise his pent up energy can increase his anxiety. 

He really likes kids and is good with them, however due to the unpredictable nature of kids, along with his fears; he should not be in a home with little ones. He has lived with other dogs however is fearful and can get aggressive with new ones so any introductions with other dogs needs to be done in a controlled manner and he might need a couple of days to get comfortable with another dog.  Again he listens very well to a confident handler so he can be managed with other dogs around. Hendrix is such a special dog and has so much love to give and really wants someone who will love him just as much. 

Hendrix is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and micro-chipped.

Adoption fee $200 

“Hope is a happy 6 year of lab who loves to play fetch with her rope toy (which would come with her when she is adopted). She recently underwent surgery to have a lump removed and after getting all her staples removed she is ready to find her forever home. She would make an amazing companion and loves to be by your side, but will not jump up on the couch or chair as she prefers her doggy bed. She is kennel and potty trained (she has never had an accident in her foster home). Hope loves walks and does very well on a leash and seems to know the “sit” and “stay” commands. We believe she came from a situation where she used for breeding although we are not sure as she was found wandering on the side of the road. Because of this she is still getting used to car rides (which she seems to enjoy), stairs (going down more than 3 steps seems to confuse her but she is getting the hang of it) and other animals. She gets scared around other dogs and growls if they come too close to her, which we are not sure if she can out grow so she would need to be the only dog in the home. She doesn’t seem to mind cats, but most have not come close to her. We are unsure how she would do around young kids, but the little interaction she has had with them she seems to do just fine. Hope has so much love to give and her foster parents will miss her dearly, but want her to have all the love she can have after what seems like a very lonely beginning.”

Adoption fee $300 

 JJ is a 3 year old Pittie who is looking for an adopter or FTA. He is a super sweet boy full of love and kisses. JJ is crate trained and is working on basic commands. He walks pretty well on leash and has lived with other dogs. We are unsure on how he does with cats. JJ loves people, kids too! He will be current on shots an neutered

$300 adoption fee. 

Acee is a 4 year old black lab who is just aiming to please. Acee is very friendly and loves attention he is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

Adoption Fee $200

Tucker is a 2 year old Shepard/Rottweiler mix. Tucker is selective on the people hw likes. He decieds if he will like your or not. When he doesn't like someone he tends to nip at their hands. Once Tucker decides he likes someone they will see that he has an awesome personality. He loves to be around his people.  He likes other dogs with proper introductions and tolerates cats. Tucker is potty trained and knows basic commands. Tucker house broken, current on vaccines, and neutered.

Update from his foster- Tucker's a very sweet boy but prefers women over men. He does need time adjust to new surroundings and would do better in a home where he isn't expected to go everywhere with his family. He gets along fine with my small dog. 

Adoption Fee $200

 Moose is a 2 year old Pittie who absolutely loves his people! He is  crate trained and potty trained if kept on a schedule. He is super smart and would make a great agility dog. He would fit perfect in to an  active family. He does pull on leash so we are working on his leash  training and recommend a gentle leader. He knows sit and lay down. Moose does fine with other dogs as long as he has slow and proper  introductions then he loves to play. He has never been around cats or small dogs. Moose is  full of energy and would do best with older kids since he tends to jump  and knock small kids over on accident. Moose is up to date on shots,  micro-chipped and neutered. 

Adoption Fee $200